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How To Boost Your Small Kitchen with Wall Décor

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With small space come limited designing possibilities, they say. We have to debunk this myth immediately since it is outdated and leaves many potentially beautiful small cooking spaces neglected and obscured.

If you love cooking, you probably try to make your best in order to design the area to meet your needs and expectations. You should reach a professional interior designer, for instance, if you are in Kolkata, you should go with kitchen interior layout designer in Kolkata.

However, sometimes, you may not have time for a major remodel that would incorporate all the necessary changes to your kitchen; fear not, for we have come up with 5 ridiculously easy ways to boost your kitchen design with simple wall decor.

Why walls? Because, when it comes to interior design, we do judge the book by its cover. Hence, the first thing that strikes our eyes are walls. Given this, instead of focusing all your efforts on appliances, small islands or countertop materials, step back a little and take a look at the bigger picture.

Let us introduce you to 5 outstanding wall decor ideas that will breathe new life into your small kitchen.

  1. The rule of three: three colors

Should you have a craving for the quickest way to add pizzazz to your kitchen interior, the color will come in handy. However, to update a room with color, you can’t mix the hues without planning the process before. The secret to decorating your kitchen walls with color is the rule of three, i.e. the three color palette:

  • First color:The ruling color in the kitchen that does not undergo any changes, say the color of your cabinets or appliances.
  • Second color:In this case, you should go for a neutral tint of your choice, which may be the new color of the walls that will complement the backdrop hue.
  • Third color:This is where you want to show your character. Think about a color that would make your kitchen unique. It has to pop up at your guest and make a statement in the cooking sector. It may be a feature wall or a appliances, such as bar stools, cookware, or even several painted cabinets.

Since monochromatic hues are on the top right now, the best way to use the three color palette is to grab paint swatches with your favorite shades and swap them until you get the desired setup. Should you find the one you like, equip yourself with painting accessories and get ready to work.

  1. Make your wall a focal point

If you want your guests to like your small kitchen, you should enter their shoes for a while. Leave the kitchen, think about stuff you’d like to notice at first glance and what would you rather not see in the foreground. Enter the kitchen again, and decide on the point that draws the most attention. Choose it along with the closest wall to make a focal point.

Focal points are meant to pop up at you. As the rest of the kitchen is usually toned, the focal point is supposed to be bodacious and original. There are three ways, in which you can create one:

  • Paint the focal wall in the bold hue you choose from the color palette
  • Use a photo or a textural wallpaper
  • Hang a large painting or another piece of art on the central wall

Don’t be afraid of letting your imagination do the wonders – focal point is only one wall, your whole interior won’t suffer from such a change.

  1. Invest in open shelving on your walls

The third step, after updating your kitchen with bold colors and a focal wall, is to add other layers. The smoking hot trend in the kitchen design is a kitchen with open shelves instead of upper cabinets. Such a look freshens and lightens up your kitchen decor, as it creates visual space, albeit it requires hiding all the mismatched glasses and other stuff that is out of space in the kitchen.

Two open shelves on an open wall will be a great idea to update this sector of your house. Floating shelves come in many styles but, above all, they are very easy to install, so you won’t have to hire a pro to do the job. Unless you’re going to make one of these shelves a bold statement point, you should keep them color-coordinated with the general kitchen layout.

If you’re really fed up with wall cabinet doors but you don’t want to get rid of them, remove the upper wall cabinet’s doors and put a paint or wallpaper at the back of the cabinet. You will make a display shelf that will stand out from the rest of the furniture.

Lighting is now more than only a functional element. It has become a truly important design factor that can bolster the overall feeling when entering the kitchen. Now that you have an open display shelf and a cute wallpaper cabinet, it’s high time you installed LED under-cabinet lighting to highlight the displayed items. It’s best to use the battery-powered lights for wireless power.

  1. Curate your kitchen wall with unique pieces

Break the boring wall with some unique items or art that will show your personality and add the final touch to the interior. A gallery wall is a quick and popular way to decorate the wall and many designers use them as kitchen wall decor.

To embrace your kitchen wall, you have several options available:

  • Wicker baskets
  • Vintage dishes
  • Mirrors
  • Antique frames of various sizes

You don’t have to follow any rules, as there aren’t any in decorating a wall with personal items. Everything that gives a touch of yourself will suit it perfectly. However, it’s advisable to arrange your collection on the floor before hanging it on the wall.

  1. Personalize the kitchen with a chalkboard wall

All you need to design utilitarian yet beautiful space is a can of chalkboard paint. It’s not expensive and makes a great way to decorate a wall. Not only is black bold, but it is also a universal paint that goes well with any interior. Moreover, a chalkboard wall may serve you for writing down recipes, attaching bottles of your favorite beverages, or you can simply use it to absorb your child’s attention, while preparing the dinner.

As you can see, these five wall-decorating tricks will boost your kitchen style without spending lots of money on a major remodel. Nevertheless, remember about the proper planning, as the best plan for a failure is not having a plan at all.

All in all, whether it’s only one of them, or it’s the whole package, incorporating these 5 ideas into your small kitchen design will not only be a bliss for your wallet, but it will also make you and your gest marvel at the beautiful space of a minimalistic square meterage.

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